How I stay productive working from home with kids

How I stay productive working from home with kids


Let’s get real, working from home with children is a dream but it’s stressful. As a mom it is important to find a balance in order to raise your babies and run your business, effectively. However, this blog posts is not just for mamas who run a business but also mamas who are homemakers, work from home with a 9-5, or those who are just overwhelmed.

        Here are a few tips that you can implement TODAY to up your productivity and reduce your stress as a SAHM (Stay at home mom).

1. Wake up earlier

Waking up earlier is one of the best tips especially for mamas. Getting up at least 1-2 hours before your little ones is key to getting your mind right for the day. During this time I suggest that you do some self-care:
  • Get dressed! Shower, brush your teeth, do your hair, put on a comfy cute mommy outfit. Getting dressed takes you out of that mindset that just because you’re home you can be a house bum.
  • Read, listen to a motivational podcast, journal or pray, whatever you feel.
  • Drink some water. Many of us (myself included) just wake up and get straight to the coffee☝ Make it a habit to properly hydrate your body before consuming your daily caffeine.

2. Eat a proper breakfast

So who’s is guilty of feeding the kids and not eating until the afternoon? Me too. I know it can feel overwhelming getting everyone fed and clothed in the morning. However, in order to have a more productive day mama you have to nourish yourself. Make your morning breakfast (and lunch) a bit easier by:
  • Meal prepping. Pinterest is a gold mine to find quick and simple breakfast ideas.
  • Eat breakfast as a family. Don’t just feed the kids first, eat with the kids.
  • Opt for a yummy breakfast smoothie. They are filling and healthy. Oh kids love them too😃

3. Plan your day the night before

What’s that saying? Failure to plan is planning to fail. You already have a million things to remember, why add to that? 
  • Have a dedicated planner or notebook to house all your things to do.
  • Pick your top 3 most important tasks that you want to accomplish.
  • Carve out specific time blocks for working and dedicated play/learning time with the kids.

4. Build connections with other moms

Whether it’s through a social platform, long time friends, or your local moms meetup, it is important to build relationships with other women that just get it. Its fine to talk to your friends without kids but other moms will understand your breakdown over your kid writing on the wall with marker. Yes, you can just clean it up but you’ve cleaned marker off the wall 6 times in the past hour! Yikes. We all need that space to just vent with those like us.

5. Don’t work all day

Yes I said it. You need to end your day at a reasonable time. Social media has given this notion that in order to run a successful business or home life you have to be up super late and you have to be doing SOMETHING all day. Not true! I always say be productive not just busy.
  • Try to get out of the house for at least an hour each day. Whether its strolling to the store or hanging in your backyard, clear your mind and get some fresh air with the kiddos.
  • Spending too much time on your work can result in careless mistakes. Take a step back.
  • Sleep is important. Wrap up your work at least 2-3 hours before dinner. This allows for you to spend undivided time with your family and also gives the chance to establish a relaxing night routine.

6. Ditch the mom guilt

Stop feeling guilty for not being perfect, mama. You’re trying your best and that’s all that matters. You’re stressing yourself out trying to do all the things. We need to be our best selves for our littles! Understand that whatever you don’t get done today can be put on the list to be done tomorrow. 
Stop feeling guilty for pursing your passion. Just because we have kids does not mean we do not deserve to be bosses as well whether it be a boss in your own business, a boss in running your home, or a boss in your 9-5, you deserve it!

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How to start a blog on a budget in 2021

How to start a blog on a budget in 2021

*This post has been updated for 2022*
Starting and running a blog does not have to be expensive. I remember when I started my first blog years ago, I got overwhelmed with how much the costs of just the basics were. Over the years (and many blogs later). I get the most done with the least amount of stuff and let’s not forget these items are inexpensive. I want to break down the list of essentials that I use to run my blog day to day. Keep in mind I am no tech or web expert. I just want to share things that I have learned along the way.

Hosting/Domain name
Usually when people tell you how to start a blog the first thing they say is to give your website a name. I recommend registering for a domain name right away (ie. .com, .net etc).
  • My Domains are all registered with
  • When it comes to hosting your blog you can host through a third party or go the self-hosted route. After taking the time to learn about setting up a self-hosted website, I’d highly recommend going the self hosted route if you know blogging is something that you want to do fulltime. Here is my recommended hosting site:
    • Dreamhost (Affiliate Link) I use shared hosting
  • Remember when choosing your domain name choose something fun, memorable, and something that describes your content. Or keep it simple with just your name!

Starter Content

Content is king! before officially launching your blog have at least 10 post pre-written and published and 10 post scheduled to be published. This is so that your blog does not look dry. To write the best content, start by defining your niche. I recommend that most people, if you’re like me and write about a lot of things, start a lifestyle blog. Many people may tell you that you have to have a very specific niche, but it’s not true. Sometimes niching down too much limits your content and leaves many creators feeling stuck.

What you need (The basics):

Most people who start a blog use pictures. We all want those gorgeous Instagram and Pinterest worthy pictures but let’s face it, we all cant dish out thousands of dollars for a camera and other tech. I have compiled a list of my everyday tech and other items I use for running my business/blog and the free alternatives you can use to get started:

Photos and writing:
  • Iphone or whatever phone you have (When I want a quick picture and do not feel like taking out my camera, I use my phone which is 98% of the time).
  • Have a slightly larger budget? Here are my recommended cameras:
  • Tripod w/ remote from amazon or prop with items around the house.
  • Selfie ring light (Space Saver) (Get it here: or use natural light.
  • WD external hard drive for storing blog posts, photos, video etc (Get it here: or save in google drive for FREE.
  • Laptop for writing, borrow a laptop or write directly from your phone. I have a basic Asus laptop.
  • Friends and family are great to help snap your photos


  • Website template from Etsy. Many for the blogger platform are less than $10. Use the google Simple template and create your own graphics its free.
  • For graphics I use (*Affiliate enjoy 25% a yearly subscription (apprx $79 a year) * Crello is now Vistacreate*
  • is great for inexpensive graphics.
Social Media:
  • Create dedicated accounts for your blog. This is where you will interact with your readers and keep them up to date with your content. Overtime this may become your main personal type account especially if you’re running a more personal blog such as a lifestyle blog.
  • Make it a point to promote a piece of your content each day especially in the beginning when no one knows who you are. Follow blogging hashtags, interact with other bloggers and share their content. Building relationships and community is key for lasting in the blogging world.
  • While there are other aspects of running a blog which I will cover in more posts to come, these are the basics to get your blog established and content creation started without breaking the bank. I hope you found these tips and products useful. This post contains affiliate links to products mentioned that I have already purchased with my own money.
This post contains affiliate links

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How to buy cheap prescription glasses online | | Glasses review

How to buy cheap prescription glasses online | | Glasses review

Quarantine with my EyeBuyDirect glasses in the style DRUMS.

Hey hey hey! I’m back to show you guys one of my favorite life hacks. See, I’m a prescription glasses wearer and there’s nothing I love more than being able to find inexpensive QUALITY eye-wear that I can buy directly from the comfort of my home. Want to find out how I paid only $12 for prescription glasses and how you can grab a pair for yourself?

Glasses Basics:
One of my favorite things about EyeBuyDirect frames besides the price , are the large selection of trendy and classic glasses and sunglasses. Even if you do not need a prescription, you can buy your favorite frames with non-prescription lenses or blue light blocking coating if you are in front of technology majority of your day. Being a simple girl the frames I opted for were simple matte black frames in the style “DRUMS”. Here is a screenshot of my Purchase:

So as you can see these simple pair of glasses were $6 plus my lenses. The lenses that I chose were:

Lens Details:

Use For:

Single vision distance




Standard Lenses : $6.95


1.5 index



If you’re feeling a bit fancier you can upgrade to have thinner lenses, transition lenses, tinted lenses, lenses with blue light blocking etc.

Tips to successfully buy glasses online:

Fun fact: I worked as an eye consultant at one of the worlds leading eye companies. So I want to share with you all a few tips to make your online buying experience hassle-free.
  • Have your most updated prescription. It is important to have your prescription updated every 1-2 years.
  • Never guess or measure your pupillary distance (PD) yourself. Sometimes your eye doctor may not write it down on your prescription card, but they always check it. Simply call your office and ask for your PD
  • Read review, look at others with your similar face shape, and utilize the glasses try-on feature when available.
  • Ensure that the company has a return policy in case your glasses do not fit the right way or something about your prescription is wrong. Check out EyeBuyDirect policy here:
  • Know what your glasses use is for: distance, reading, non-prescription, multi-focal…Don’t guess, call and ask!
  • Never guess and enter your prescription. If you are confused, all reputable online glasses retailers will allow you to e-mail or fax in a picture of your prescription and they will enter it in for you correctly.
  • Overall, I really enjoyed my buying experience. My glasses came in 5 days, my prescription was correct, my frames fit nicely, the packaging was top-notch and the quality was worth more than $12.

Want to try some frames for yourself? Use my link here:

FTC- This post is not at all sponsored or endorsed by the company. Everything was purchased with my own money. However, I have a link that earns me a small commission if my readers by a product at no additional costs to them 🙂

Welcome baby #2| Mom of 2 under 2

Welcome baby #2| Mom of 2 under 2

On 11/05/2019 I welcomed my second child into the world. Another healthy baby boy. You probably noticed I did not document my pregnancy here on the blog or my social media channels. I honestly just wanted to be able to enjoy my pregnancy and spend as much time with my 1 year old before the baby arrived.  

Already having 1 child I kind of knew how I wanted my labor and delivery to go. If you read my labor and delivery story about my first born, I was induced and had an epidural. It was so easy, painless, and my recovery was a breeze. I of course wanted this one to go the same way. I was about 3cm for a little over a week and I felt fine, no signs of labor. On the 4th I still felt…fine. I washed and styled my hair, cleaned, and spent time with my baby. Around 12:30 am I got up to pee (as I did 1,000x a night) and I had the most painful cramps ever. I knew they were not braxton hicks as I was having those for weeks. I headed to the hospital at about 1:10 am and got there at about 1:15 am only to have my water break in the parking lot. I was rolled to the delivery room at 1:23 am and he was born at 1:25 am. Yes, I ended up having an all natural birth…totally unplanned. In that moment I was scared but it really challenged the perfectionist in me and I wouldn’t change it. He is happy and healthy.
#momlife #momof2 #2under2

1 year with you|Happy 1st birthday, Son

1 year with you|Happy 1st birthday, Son

I cannot believe it has been 1 year with my baby boy. On October 30th, 2018 I welcomed my first born into the world and I have gotten to love him for an entire year already. I admit, I did not expect this time to come by so fast. Seeing him grow, learn new skills, and develop his personality has been nothing short of amazing. He made me grow as a person and I never knew what it felt like to love someone more than I love myself. While motherhood is not at all an easy task, he made this journey so worth it for me. He has become my little best friend and I have realized how lucky I am to be with him 24/7. Having him made me realize it’s the simplest things that bring me joy like making him breakfast every morning or doing our bedtime routine.

WTBS, I wanted to share a recap of his birthday. We decided to do something simple with a few family and friends that we knew he would enjoy. My child “wild boy” as I call him loves to run around and be active so we did a very small get together at Chuck E cheese! We got him a cake made and ordered pizza for guests. We did not go all out with decorations and such and everyone had a blast, especially the kids. I am so happy that we went simple. It was surely a day filled with fun and memories.