I cannot believe it has been 1 year with my baby boy. On October 30th, 2018 I welcomed my first born into the world and I have gotten to love him for an entire year already. I admit, I did not expect this time to come by so fast. Seeing him grow, learn new skills, and develop his personality has been nothing short of amazing. He made me grow as a person and I never knew what it felt like to love someone more than I love myself. While motherhood is not at all an easy task, he made this journey so worth it for me. He has become my little best friend and I have realized how lucky I am to be with him 24/7. Having him made me realize it’s the simplest things that bring me joy like making him breakfast every morning or doing our bedtime routine.

WTBS, I wanted to share a recap of his birthday. We decided to do something simple with a few family and friends that we knew he would enjoy. My child “wild boy” as I call him loves to run around and be active so we did a very small get together at Chuck E cheese! We got him a cake made and ordered pizza for guests. We did not go all out with decorations and such and everyone had a blast, especially the kids. I am so happy that we went simple. It was surely a day filled with fun and memories.

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