It’s safe to say that 2018 was a very exciting year for me. I welcomed my baby boy, my first child into the world on October 30th, 2018. He is the sweetest and cutest little bundle of joy. This experience was something that I would re-live 1000x.
My pregnancy was an easy one I must say, besides the morning sickness! I had an amazing support system between my boyfriend and my mom so I was able to really soak up this experience for the first time. My son was originally due on November 15th but he came a bit earlier than expected due to my amniotic sack leaking. I thought that I was going in for a routine prenatal visit and boy was I wrong. My doctor told me that she wanted me to deliver the next day. Now me being someone who has never experienced pregnancy was so scared ( I literally cried). I was scared, nervous, and excited that I was bringing this tiny human into the world.
I have to say that my delivery was very smooth sailing and I thank God for zero complications. Being a new mom has been such a life changing experience and I have a new outlook on my life and my goals. My son has given me a boost of motivation that I have never felt before. I must say I am still getting used to juggling being an entrepreneur and a new mom but he makes it so easy and worth it for me.

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