Hello! Many first time moms like myself go a bit overboard when it comes to shopping for our new little bundle. Of course when I found out about my first little bundle I started buying everything under the sun and fast forward to now, he didn’t use more than half of the crap I bought! I wanted to create a post to showcase products that really came of use to me.

You’d be surprised by how little baby’s actually need. All though I spent more money than I really needed to, I learned a lot for the future. This has taught me a lot of self control with my money and most importantly that your baby needs YOU more than materialistic things. Some items will have direct links and some items are items you can find at places such as Walmart and Target.
Here is my list of my top essentials for first time moms:
Baby kangaroo: This product helped me get so much done. I spent tons of money on different carries (Thanks instagram lol) but my baby ended up loving this inexpensive one here: that my mom recommended, thanks girl 🙂
Link: https://www.amazon.com/Evenflo-Infant-Soft-Carrier-Creamcicle/dp/B00AJSJ32E/ref=sr_1_5?crid=21BJA6JX3ZL7J&keywords=baby+kangaroo+carrier&qid=1564023484&s=gateway&sprefix=baby+kang%2Caps%2C237&sr=8-5
Hakka manual breast pump: I produced a lot of breast milk so when my son fed on one side I used this breast pump to catch leakage from the other breast. It was especially useful for night feedings. This is where majority of my milk stash came from. Also it is way more convenient than the electric pump.
Link: https://amzn.to/2LGGhps
Short sleeve onesies/footed onesies: My baby lived in these. I bought so many “outfits” that he did not wear. Baby’s love to be free. I used a few outfits for doctors appointments but they are not a necessity.
Wash cloths: Instead of buying fancy burp cloths, my mom recommended cheap wash cloths and they were a life saver, in expensive, and had multiple uses.
Socks: I did not go crazy with shoes. I bought tons of socks and they made life so much easier for me and comfortable for baby.
Fleece blankets: I racked up on $2 fleece blankets from Walmart which they usually put out around fall.
Gripe water: My LO was a very gassy baby and gripe water was a life saver. It is all natural.
Pregnancy Pillow: Pregnancy pillows are not only great for mom during pregnancy but also work well as a cheap dock a tot style lounger and breast feeding pillow.
Baby swing: A baby swing is a must have to keep you hands free when needed. It is also a great way to soothe baby.
Functional diaper bag: Trust me, when juggling a newborn functionality is everything. Take time to research a bag that fits your lifestyle. I recommend a nylon style tote with a purse organizer. They are spacious, easy to clean, and still CUTE.
I’ll be updating this post periodically because I know I am missing a few things (mom brain!!!).
*Affiliate links are used. If you decide to purchase from this list I recieve a small commission at no extra cost to you :)*

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