On 11/05/2019 I welcomed my second child into the world. Another healthy baby boy. You probably noticed I did not document my pregnancy here on the blog or my social media channels. I honestly just wanted to be able to enjoy my pregnancy and spend as much time with my 1 year old before the baby arrived.  

Already having 1 child I kind of knew how I wanted my labor and delivery to go. If you read my labor and delivery story about my first born, I was induced and had an epidural. It was so easy, painless, and my recovery was a breeze. I of course wanted this one to go the same way. I was about 3cm for a little over a week and I felt fine, no signs of labor. On the 4th I still felt…fine. I washed and styled my hair, cleaned, and spent time with my baby. Around 12:30 am I got up to pee (as I did 1,000x a night) and I had the most painful cramps ever. I knew they were not braxton hicks as I was having those for weeks. I headed to the hospital at about 1:10 am and got there at about 1:15 am only to have my water break in the parking lot. I was rolled to the delivery room at 1:23 am and he was born at 1:25 am. Yes, I ended up having an all natural birth…totally unplanned. In that moment I was scared but it really challenged the perfectionist in me and I wouldn’t change it. He is happy and healthy.
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